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Situated in beautiful Dartmoor National Park, East Down is a spiritual and well-being retreat centre ideally suited for groups of up to 12, although we can accommodate up to 16 if required.

East Down is not a venue to be hired in the normal sense. As a non-profit Community Interest Company we offer the space in the spirit of generosity and love. When you come to visit you are welcome and we honour and respect your presence here. We ask also that our lovely visitors respect the delicate and intricate dance that develops during their stay. 

Our heartfelt desire is to offer this beautiful space for use by groups that are able to appreciate and benefit from its incredible energy. In turn it is our hope that the positive benefits gained from the activities carried out here will spread in ever increasing ways as our visitors return to their own environments.

We do not seek to profit in any monetary way from the running of the Centre and all fees paid to the Community Interest Company are used to cover costs and the wages of our amazing staff. As such we endeavour to make your stay as comfortable as possible within our means.

Please note that in order to maintain the calming atmosphere of the location we request that all visitors refrain from using alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.

Please download our welcome pack in PDF format for further information.

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