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kindness flowerThese stories have been sent in by people who have

given or received

random acts of kindness.

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I Like to Tithe 10% of my monthly earnings to Someone or Something that has fed me Spiritually so they can continue to feed others and if I haven’t earned anything that month then I will Volunteer 10% or more of my time to a Charity or person or project depending on what shows up that month.

Kindness by intuition

One Christmas I made up a large hamper before I left to see family on the 22nd of Dec for my friends as they had 4 children and I later was told that he hadn’t been paid on the 23rd Dec due to a payroll error and they didnt have much in for the festivity as money was tight and I had a Beautiful Email from them to say Thank You for the Joy of Christmas as it was much needed and appreciated, Love how listening to my intuition saved the day. KATHERINE W

Kindness is catching

A couple of years ago, almost to the day, my lovely niece Beccy, turned up on my door step in quite a state. She had been going through a difficult time and she had come to stay with me to give herself a bit of breathing space.

She found all the space she needed and went home a week later to start to put her life back together.

She did a fantastic job, and two years on, I am very proud of the amazing person that she has grown into.

One of the things that was a turning point for Bec was taking part in a short course called ‘The Warriors Journey’. One of the weekend adventures during the course was to perform an act of kindness, just because you can, not to gain anything or to receive any thanks from the person you were kind to, if that happened that was just an added bonus.

Bec just loved the idea of this and she took it to fantastic extremes. She teamed up with her sister Lucy and they were like a kindness whirlwind, everyone stared to receive all manner of kindnesses, it was just amazing to see, and to watch what a wonderful impact it had on both of them.

This never really stopped for Bec or Lucy, then in February when they came to a retreat at Eastdown they were thrilled with the random act of kindness cards that Jomie left with some tasty chocolates for the group.

Bec was off again with a renewed vigor. She has set herself the wonderful task of finding a RAOK to perform for someone every day for the month of March. I have been a recipient already, I am really blessed to have both Lucy and Beccy in my life.

If you want to know more about Bec and what she gets up to my RAOK is to share the link to her blog here –
with you, I know what a buzz she gets when she has people read it, and it is well worth your time she is a great blogger!
She is also an inspiration and some of you may even have been recipients of her kindness and not even know it, beware kindness is catching!! DEBRA S

 A kindness from the past

Many years ago, I was ill with the flu as was my husband. A friend left a bag of presents on our doorstep to cheer us up. It was in the days before Internet shopping made life easier and it meant a lot to me. JILL D


My husband gave up a football match that he really wanted to watch because a friend had come round who needed somebody to listen to their problems. Thank you. JANE B

Kindness that helped me be mindful

On my way through town today I was busy thinking about stuff and not concentrating on what I was doing. Then I noticed a young mother approaching a set of steps with her son in one hand and a pushchair in the other. All of the stuff went clear out of my head as I asked her if she needed any help. She thanked me and said she could manage.

I wasn’t able to help in that instance but just the act of stopping and asking brought me back to the moment and allowed me to continue my walk in a much more mindful way. It felt really nice. ANON

A very nice man

When I went to a shop the other day I needed to buy some bulky fence posts. Being on my own I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get them out to the car. I needn’t have worried. Without even having to ask, the lovely man in the shop offered to carry them for me. What a kind gesture – it really made my day. FIONA S

My first Kindness card event

Whilst soaking up a hot bath and listening to the radio, I mentioned to my daughter that the current 70’s song was a favourite of mine. She ran into the lounge and turned it up! Kindness eh?

Later when she saw the cards, and I explained what they were, she gave one to me. NICKY L